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About us

  • Having moved to South Florida, we became more and more amazed by the beauty of its natural environment.  Our love for the ecosystems of Florida triggered the desire to learn more about it and we got interested in reptilians in general. We got quickly alarmed by the threat on reptilian’s species all around the world.  Loss of habitat, excessive hunting and depletion of some species; invasion of non indigenous species in some ecosystems that threaten the local fauna…those are some of the issues that we discovered.

    While some of us are volunteering in the conservation and rehabilitation of some reptilian species, we all learned about the Alligator trade in the state of Florida. The animals, once endangered have been protected and the population has recovered beautifully, forcing the control of a population that became now a potential threat for other animals and to local dwellers.

    We have decided to create the Swiss Hides label to help local traders, hunters and farmers to be able to continue their good work in sustainable farming, fair and responsible hunting, and fair trade in respect to quotas.

    The consumer is the success behind the CITES wildlife conservation. By buying our Swiss Hides products, revenues are generated for habitat protection and state wildlife programs. As an example, every Alligator harvested generates fees for state wildlife management agencies and habitat conservation activities.

    We are proud to be part of this successful cycle that has become a model for conservation programs around the globe.

  • Swiss Hides is the first cruelty free and sustainable alligator leather Trade Company.

    • We buy ALLIGATOR MISSIPPIENSIS skins (CITES app 2) only from certified hunters who are called on population control mission and are respecting yearly quota
    • We buy skins from farmers who raise their animals fairly and slaughter in cruelty free manner
    • We have chosen to work with a tannery that constantly tries to minimize its environmental impact and researches to develop more ecological tanning methods
    • We sell in total transparency only CITES certified hides
    • Our research and development team constantly works to implement non toxic finishes and coating to improve the quality of our products
    • We give back part of our proceeds to nonprofit organizations in order to promote the conservation and rehabilitation efforts for the Everglades and at large, the whole wildlife in Florida


    sustainable alligator leather

    Why you should choose Swiss Hides

    • No animal cruelty
    • No skins from ASIA, only USA certified
    • No child labour involved
    • No poaching or illegal trade of skins

  • Swiss Hides is a registered LLC (Limited Liability Corporation)in the United States of America.

    Swiss Hides Leathers & Skins are CITES certified by the Swiss & US government:

    BVET, Reg NR# 200959, permitted and bonded by all applicable State and Federal Departments and Agencies, including the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and the Department of the Interior, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

      total transparency
    We will provide CITES and other necessary documents for the exportation of Florida Alligator to other countries.